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Tips For A Successful Tryout

  • Dress the part- Baseball pants and a jersey for your current team or an athletic shirt

  • arrive early- the times listed above are the start time for the tryout so arrive early enough to meet the coaching staff, find out where equipment should be placed and begin to warm up. Coach duncan always says 15 mins early is on time and on time is late make sure you’re making a great first impression

  • Be outspoken- when you are asked questions speak up so that all coaches can hear your responses because all coaches are evaluating your skills but will also note and appreciate confidence in your answers

  • Be Coachable-

    • A “YES COACH” goes a long way

    • the words “I can’t” have no place in baseball…asking for clarification, offering an explanation of limitations, or RESPECTFULLY asking for help with something you do not understand are all acceptable alternatives

    • Hustle shows ENTHUSIASM to participate

    • focus on what the coaches are saying and leave talking with your peers for before and after the tryout