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Elite Baseball

Discipline • Sportsmanship • Commitment • Integrity • Teamwork



Our Focus Is To MAKE Players Elite


- Discipline -

NOVA Elite will offer consistency in training methods. Through this Discipline players will achieve excellence on the field.

- Commitment to Excellence -

NOVA Elite will impress upon its players the value of never settling for average. We want our players to commit to be at their best every day. This Commitment to Excellence will carry over into every aspect of their lives.

- Sportsmanship -

Through good Sportsmanship NOVA Elite will enforce the principles of respecting others and the game of Baseball. We always play with respect, respect our opponents, and respect each other.

- Integrity -

Integrity means being held accountable for your actions on and off the field. At NOVA Elite, we will encourage our players to hold each other accountable at all times.

- Teamwork -

 NOVA Elite prides itself on putting the team first. All players are encouraged to push each other during practice which translates to working together as a team on game day. We do all things first and foremost as a team.



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  • *NEW* 13U, 14U, & 15U/16U Teams Included In Tryouts For Fall 2019 Season

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  • Upcoming TRYOUT Dates!

    • Tryout Dates are for All age groups. Check out our Progams page for more information about age groups we offer

    • May 26th, June 30th, July 14th, & August 18th

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